Company Overview

uMobi Solutions Corporation is a technology management solutions firm headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey.With delivery capabilities in USA, India and Mauritius, uMobi is ideally positioned to be an end to end technology solutions partner to clients globally

uMobi delivers customer-based solutions in order to drive efficiency and growth for its customers by leveraging a global network of technology partners and partner associates.

We design cutting edge applications that can be customized to suit individual client requirements. Our mainstay focus is on development and implementation of “as-a-service”, Cloud Platforms, Mobile platforms (both iOS and android)

uMobi is uniquely positioned to deliver world class solutions to its clients across verticals such as banking, financial services, insurance, retail and non-profit organizations. The firm specializes in delivering solutions in both package and bespoke solutions

With deep expertise in Mobility, Cloud and Platforms, uMobi is the one stop shop for clients looking to fast track their digital and mobility strategies.

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Offshore delivery

uMobi has its own offshore development center in the IT Hub of Bangalore, as also a number of its partners’ center in India as well as other global locations.

Partner network

o uMobi has partnered with a number of other IT companies who collectively bring a range of rich competencies on a variety of different technologies.

Solutions competencies

uMobi has built a number of innovative solutions in the past as its own IP as well as for its customers.

Technology leadership

uMobi has tremendous technology strength in its leadership, who collectively brings 100s of years of experience and expertise having worked with some of the best technology companies worldwide.


What we do

In a nutshell, we leverage cutting edge state-of-the-art technology to build innovative solutions to solve real world problems for our customers.


We are driven by the culture of innovation and have the capability to comprehend technology and bring world-class solutions to life


Being a relatively smaller organization, we are very nimble and can move very fast thereby drastically cutting down delivery schedules and costs


Our focus on every solution we build is very high, thanks to the passion with which we take up any project/assignment


At our core, we believe in doing business with ‘heart’. This enables us to see every solution from a larger perspective of being part of a journey to solving real-life problems

Mobile App Overview

Ready to deploy apps

uMobi has 1000+ years of collective experience at developing world class mobile apps and mobile app platforms.  uMobi is therefore extremely well equipped to roll our mobile apps for its customers and is ready to deploy apps based on a mobile app factory model powered by the ’natteron’ platform
(natteron is an IP developed and owned by uMobi Solutions).